What is Innovation?



Ten years ago, we all read the Innovator´s Dilemma and believed its message on how big companies can not innovate at the same pace of small startups. I still believe in this, and that is why startup companies like Nimbeo do have a lot to say on building world-class products, change their sectors, revolutionize.

However, we also have the feeling that there is another potential path: being acqui-hired or directly purchased and integrated. This week,  Israeli mobile analytics company Onavo has been acquired by Facebook,  becoming also the anchor of the social network in the so-called “startup nation”. And many other cutting-edge companies are acquired by IT giants such Amazon, Google, Apple or Facebook. A third way that will led companies to become living labs of others and save the “innovation conundrum”: big companies can not compete at the same speed, but they can always purchase others than will do.




M-Commerce is old wine


m-commerce-zanoxAccording to this post by Nacho Somalo, M-Commerce is the new big thing. Or simply the big thing here to stay. Mobile Commerce revenues have been growing 126% in Europe and smartphone-based sales also raised 81% with regards to 2012 (see picture on top). In addition,  Spain is better positioned than some other countries in the Eurozone.

zanox_MPB_2012_Countries_englWhat does this mean for Nimbeo? We have already been talking about eCommerce in Nimbeo and how this is definitely one of the segments we have been positioned from the very beginning through one of our products, SmartStore,  an intelligente eCommerce application superposed to a regular online shop, which could foster the potential of online shops by adding extra analytics.

Our challenge is now, combining eCommerce and mobile platforms, where our expertise has been extensive lately. For us, M-Commerce might be old wine in new bottles, if we combine both.