Mobile is here to stay


Smartphones2012In Nimbeo, we are deeply convinced the future is mobile and that is why all our products are already born and raised through the mobile paradigm. According to the last ComScore report on Digital Europe, Spain, our birth country, holds actually the most rocking smartphone penetration of the EU, with an impressive 11% tablet adoption and growing.

Smartphones-in-Europe-comScoreFrom a global perspective, according to the last  Ericsson Mobility Report, the number of mobile broadband subscriptions has grown by around 45% year-on- year, reaching around 1.7 billion. Right now, it is hard to envisage software development without the mobile flavor and that is one of the major reasons in Nimbeo we are focusing on an over-effort for mobile platforms and mobile design in our products.

Actually, we think we are transitioning to a mobile centric world. Mobile platforms are still evolving, HTML5 is pushing for fair piece of the cake and these are exciting times. Our times.

Nimbeo Blog is up and running

comentarios02There we go!! In Nimbeo we strongly believe on conversations and how communication of the many and challenging projects in our company will change and shift the world, improving the current IT ecosystem and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to foster their positive potential in our lives, so… fasten your seat belts, welcome to this exciting trip and stay tuned!!