What is Innovation?



Ten years ago, we all read the Innovator´s Dilemma and believed its message on how big companies can not innovate at the same pace of small startups. I still believe in this, and that is why startup companies like Nimbeo do have a lot to say on building world-class products, change their sectors, revolutionize.

However, we also have the feeling that there is another potential path: being acqui-hired or directly purchased and integrated. This week,  Israeli mobile analytics company Onavo has been acquired by Facebook,  becoming also the anchor of the social network in the so-called “startup nation”. And many other cutting-edge companies are acquired by IT giants such Amazon, Google, Apple or Facebook. A third way that will led companies to become living labs of others and save the “innovation conundrum”: big companies can not compete at the same speed, but they can always purchase others than will do.




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